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A brand new website for Realify

After a lot of hard work, I can proudly announce the new Realify website has launched with a complete range of services that Realify has to offer, including previous cases from our portfolio.

Founded in 2016

With the launch of this website I am proud to announce that I have made the decision to be working on Realify on a full-time basis to take on new unique challenges.

Realify has officially been around since 2016. This was the time when hobby projects such as Subscriber Counter got a bit out of hand. In recent years I have been able to develop several websites and apps under Realify. However, this was not on a full-time basis and I was not actively engaged in acquisitions.

New services

When launching this website, I also announce a new range of services. For example, Realify offers web and app development as well as managed hosting services to take care of keeping your company online and safe.

Realify has years of experience in maintaining servers and setting up and managing managed cluster environments with load balancing. We work with Infrastrucute as a Service parties such as DigitalOcean, UpCloud and, for the demanding customers, Amazon Web Services.

Headless websites

In addition to offering traditional websites, we also work with a new way of web development, headless websites. With headless websites, the front-end is completely separate from the back-end and you are flexible, it is ultra-fast and optimised for mobile devices.

Our own CMS

We do not use content management systems such as Wordpress or Magento. Instead, we are working hard to develop our own in-house content management system, DittoCMS. Named after the Pokémon Ditto that can morph into anything 🤓.

Coffee is ready

Unfortunately the whole country is in lockdown, otherwise we would have invited you for a cup of coffee. We would love to invite you to call us on +31 85 2010402 or send us an email to to schedule a Zoom call to discuss your next project, which is our challenge.

- Bjarn

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