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A passion for innovation

What we do


Just need a website for your company? Or are you ready to take your sales online and want a webshop? Say no more, got you covered with our next generation content management system DittoCMS.

Android development

We develop native mobile apps for Android. Apps are used for various appliances, such as e-commerce, information, tools or hardware such as handheld scanners.

Managed hosting

With our managed hosting services we will make sure you no longer have to worry about keeping your business up and running. We automatically install updates and are alerted in case something goes wrong so we can act fast.

Headless websites

Ready for the future? At Realify, we are passionate about new technologies and are always trying to be one step ahead of the competition. Headless websites are fast, flexible and future proof. We work with Prismic and Prepr, whichever suits your business the most.

Next generation web apps

Headless websites

We specialise in building headless websites. Headless websites are the next generation in web development.

Headless websites are incredibly fast, mobile-first and offer a lot of flexibility. With techniques such as Progressive Web Apps, also known as PWA, your website will look and feel like a real app to your user and can be installed as an app on either a phone or desktop.

In order to create headless websites, we use Prismic as our go-to headless content management system and build our front-ends using React and NextJS.

Client is king

Our approach

So you are tempted to challenge us to build your next website or app. What's next?

During each phase we are in close contact and are constantly asking for your feedback so you can be 100% satisfied with the final product.



We're going to discuss your project and create a scope. What's your goal? What problems need to be solved?


Wireframe & design

So we got your project on paper. Now we're going to create a raw design, a wireframe, followed up by a final design which shows you how your website or app is going to look.



You liked the design? Awesome! We're now going in full hermit mode (just kidding) and make the design a real functional website or app.


Time for beer 🍻

Finally! We have finished your project. After your approval we'll deploy it to production. Your website or app is now ready to generate traffic. Let's grab yourself a beer.

Challenge accepted

Ready to challenge us?

We are always open for accepting new challenges. Is your project going to be our next challenge? We are sure it will be.

Contact us and we'll discuss your idea and will create an amazing website or app. Or are you still curious what projects we have worked on in the past? Check out our portfolio to see our work.

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